Hiking in Himalayas

Himalayas is is where we can see the highest mountain in the world. The Himalayas bordering India, Bhutan and Nepal. The Mount Everest that is called the highest mountain in the word is nearest to the border of Nepal. According t world statistics, there were some people who dreamed of reaching the peak of the Mount Everest and they tried to do so. However, only few people reached the peak of the mountain like Edmund Hillary. The Himalayan mountain range is one of the wonderful mountains in the world and it catches the eyes of the people for its beautiful features and also for its wonderful peak. Which climber would not be temped to climb the peak. Among Nepalese, no one reached its peak. This is now the time to underscore the climbing of the highest peak. Edmund Hillary received an award for climbing the peak of the mountain. In history, Tenzing Norgay is the first Nepalese who reached the peak of the mountain.

Not all Nepalese tried to climb it. In fact, climbing the mountain is such a great challenge. This is why, there are many climbers who envy those who were able to climb it. Mountain climbers are not afraid to risk their life in climbing. Some things can be planted in the mind if climbing the Mount Everest: Anyone can climb in the mountain can be great among the Greats, the one who climbs it can receive an award and honor. Of course, climbing does not only credit your fame but also satisfying your desire.